I’m feeling really good about this year, like I just have a really good feeling about how life is coming together. It is so weird, haha. It’s almost like excitement and I’ve never really felt like this when thinking about my life before. I just feel almost, well, completely happy. But then I’m not foolish … More 2017.

The first.

The first birthday, the first christmas; without mum. I don’t know what I expected, not really. Christmas wasn’t too bad, still weird but I’m still trying to process the feelings from my birthday. I knew this was the first year I wouldn’t be recieving a call from her but even so I found myself later … More The first.


Do you ever just realise how much faith you put in people? Like you think someone loves you or cares about you but then something happens and it shows you just how much they don’t? I can never – no matter how many times it happens to me – understand how people just walk away … More Heartbreak?