I’m feeling really good about this year, like I just have a really good feeling about how life is coming together.
It is so weird, haha. It’s almost like excitement and I’ve never really felt like this when thinking about my life before. I just feel almost, well, completely happy.
But then I’m not foolish enough to think it’ll continue to stay that way.

Within that I can’t help but find myself embracing this new feeling and this year with open arms!
I just feel so excited and giddy inside like I just can’t wait for what’s about to come, is this just progress of my healing; this desire to embrace life with open arms, not thinking about how it’s going to play out because I have faith in the universe ?

I’ve made so many plans for this year already, ones that take me outside my comfort zone! I never had the desire to do anything else than what I was already doing, not really, most things I did because people wanted me to; I lived my every move in response to someone else’s desire but now, now I see I shouldn’t be living like that, I am allowed to do what I want and I am allowed to be selfish about it.
Of course, I still struggle with disregarding how certain people around me will react, respond and say to my choices. Sometimes it’s hard to pull myself from it and just make choices for myself but I can’t expect years of a thought process to change overnight..
I’ve come a long way already, I used to fear doing anything incase someone didn’t agree with it, I used to need people’s thoughts of me to be good, I needed to have their approval but one things 2016 has taught me is just how bad that mindset is to be in, that’s not living.

Living is what I am going to do this year, I am going to go on adventures, create beautiful memories and experience breathtaking moments!
And I can not wait!!

These positive vibes bubbling up inside me are telling me that 2017 is the new beginning of something awesome and this happiness inside me is only what is to come by embracing this! The best thing I could have done was to embark on this spiritual, self finding, healing journey. I open the universe’s plan for me with welcoming arms and an open mind.
This is what I have been waiting for, I have found where the path of my past has been leading me and I’m ready to let go, stop thinking about it and just live.



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